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Music was injected into Corso’s bones since he was in his Momma's womb! From pretending he was a DJ putting tapes into his dual cassette player and announcing the songs to an imaginary audience that always wanted to hear more (In his mind... of Cors-O!) Whether it was Genesis, Prince, or Ozzy, It really didn't matter to Corso, and it didn't stop there. Corso also learned how to pluck the strings and by the age 15, he was living the dream, playing in a band that played some pretty heavy music and had a great following. Soon after that Corso worked at the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee for 5 years as a stage hand, being able to hang out and meet some of the artists he grew up with and hear some amazing stories. Took a little hiatus afterwards, but in 2019, Corso got the opportunity to fulfill his dream and work at the most Bad Ass station in the world.... 95 WIIL ROCK!!!