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Tom started on the air in 1979 at Burlington, Wisconsin High School radio station WBSD. He continued his radio education at WSUW at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. Other than a 3 year radio visit to mornings on WRVE in Albany, NY (1997 - 2000) Tom has been a mainstay at the same station since 1986 (then WJZQ - now 95 WIIL ROCK) while still at UWW. Tom just celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his first morning show (10/19/93). Tom was a collegiate lacrosse goalie, and enjoys cooking, motorcycle riding, and scuba diving in his spare time. Winning as a harness horse race driver, kicking an extra point for a semi-pro football team, skydiving with the Army Golden Knights, winning a pro wrestling match, and piloting a blimp are just a few of the many strange and fun opportunities that Tom’s job has presented. Tom has 2 awesome sons and is engaged to Jola… the love of his life!


Tom Kief

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