Pro Tip from Leah - don't burn your ex's stuff! She's baaaaaack! Maybe you remember her from auditioning for the Morning Show back in 2011. Or the many times she'd fill in after they rejected her. Well now here she is, like a stain you can't wipe off. After traveling across to the hall to do Disco for a few years Leah has returned to the dark side and couldn't be happier. Arranged marriages work and gosh darnit this was meant to be. Leah has 3 cats, surprisingly though she is married with 3 children. In her free time she can be found doing yoga in a studio or a field somewhere. Along with entertaining you on the radio she is also going to school to be a Yoga Instructor. So while there are no babies in her future she may leave Tom to do some Downward Dog. In the meantime, enjoy it while it lasts. Nothing in life is permanent and as soon as you realize that, it gets easier!