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I started working in radio at the age of 19 and 12 years later I’m still hanging around. These days I’m taking you through the midnight hours until Tom and Emily kick me out, then I’m trying to wrangle the hamsters that keep the station running during the day. New rock is my thing and I get the chance to showcase some of the best new out rock there today during the New Music Spotlight at 2 am. The list of things that I listen to is extensive and all inclusive, but right now my top bands are Bring Me the Horizon, Architects, and the ALMIGHTY Parkway Drive. I’m a huge hockey fan and my favorite team in the Colorado Avalanche, been that way for years, also a fan of the White Sox and the Da Bears. I don’t do a whole lot of social media but when I do you can usually find me on Instagram, follow me there to see what I’m up to and listening to. \m/ \m/