Rock Report 2/18/22

Falling in Reverse and the rock band’s lead singer, Ronnie Radke, have reportedly reached a legal settlement with the artist Playboi Carti after the hip-hop performer used Falling in Reverse’s name as part of the rapper’s official T-shirt designs.

Now, the band will receive settlement compensation of an undisclosed amount. Radke will get it as a lump sum from Playboi Carti, as Rock Feed uncovered on Wednesday (Feb. 16).

Iron Maiden have welcomed another in-game collaboration, bringing Disturbed’s mascot The Guy into battle in the Legacy of the Beast mobile game.

The limited-time appearance of The Guy follows in the footsteps of other rock and metal artists who have been featured as an in-game collaboration. First came Amon Amarth with a playable viking berserker character, followed by The Shadow Sorceress, which represented Lacuna Coil frontwoman Cristina Scabbia and, last fall, Papa Meritus IV of Ghost entered the arena.

Ghost used Valentine’s Day 2022 to cheekily compare their Satanic Swedish rock band to the movie Ghost, the 1990 romantic drama starring Demi Moore and the late Patrick Swayze.
In a minute-long clip titled “Ghost on Ghost” that Ghost shared on Monday (Feb. 14), Papa Emeritus guides a woman’s hands in shaping clay on a pottery wheel, just like Moore and Swayze do in Ghost. As they continue sculpting in a darkened church, the Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody” plays, also like in the movie scene.