Rock Report 11/3/2020

Iron Maiden’s frontman Bruce Dickinson released a video message on Iron Maiden’s socials the other day talking about the bands new double live album Nights of the Dead Legacy of the Beast Live in Mexico City.  This live album has a couple of firsts involved. It’s the first Maiden live album recorded in Mexico. It’s also the first time that they have recorded For The Greater Good of God for a live album. When you’ve been around as long as Iron Maiden there can’t be to many firsts left. —SOURCE VIDEO—  —TRACK LISTING

Yesterday, Alter Bridge released a new tune called Last Rites. It’s one of the 7 songs on the Walk The Sky 2.0 EP that Alter Bridge is releasing on Friday. You can pick up Last Rites now via digital outlets. Also on the EP are live renditions of songs from the original Walk The Sky album that came out last year. —FULL STORY—  —LAST RITES VIDEO

David Lee Roth released a new song over the weekend which he dedicated to the late Eddie Van Halen. The name of the song is Somewhere over the Rainbow Bar and Grill and was written six years ago as part of a project Roth was working on with John 5. You can pick up Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bar and Grill now via digital outlets. If you check out the video for it on youtube you’ll find the cover art is a cartoon drawn by Diamond Dave himself.  —MORE DETAILS—  —VIDEO

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