A must-have AC/DC collector’s item is now available for order through the Royal Australian Mint: a series of AC/DC commemorative coins celebrating the band’s 50th anniversary. As the world’s arguably greatest rock band turns a half century old in 2023, the motherland has decided to honor them on some pretty bad-ass looking (uncirculated) coins.  The coins are crafted to look like a vinyl album, with either the AC/DC logo, or a noteworthy musical reminder of the band’s albums.

Social media has become hit or miss over the last several years since it’s really become popular. Some people hate it and find it toxic, while others find it to be a fun or useful tool. Godsmack frontman Sully Erna has posted on his personal Instagram for the first time in several months, and explained why he took a break from it.  Check out why over at 95WIILROCK.com

Sully said —-“I felt obligated to give you somewhat of an explanation on why I chose to dip out for a while. And it’s mainly because after the world tipped itself upside down a few years ago, and I started noticing every normal person had a professional political view and every celebrity, all of a sudden, was a medical expert in COVID — which I think is so wrong, because they’re scaring people one way or the other — I chose to take the position of, I’m an entertainer. I get paid to entertain, therefore that’s what I’m gonna focus my efforts on to create as much great music and videos and content for you people as I can,” the singer elaborated.”
Slipknot‘s seventh album The End, So Far just came out last Friday (Sept. 30), but apparently, physical copies of the record have the wrong title on the cover. Several fans have reported that their copy contains the error.  One fan uploaded a photo of their vinyl copy of the album on Reddit, which shows the title The End for Now… on the cover. The individual has a sticker on their finger with the proper title — The End, So Far — which was apparently pasted over the misprint.