Rock Report 10/01/2020

Yesterday we got the payoff for the rumors and tease that has surrounded AC/DC lately. In an Instagram post the band confirmed their lineup being Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Phil Rudd and Stevie Young. They did so in a way that insinuates what Power Up is but doesn’t say for sure. So for now there is still a couple of questions unanswered. —MOST OF THE ANSWERS

Megadeth has been working on a new album that Dave Mustaine says “I’m gonna try and make these songs as heavy and as brutal as I possibly can” Since he went and got an x-ray in his hands recently it stands to reason that the new music is pretty brutal. —FULL STORY

Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves has stayed busy throughout the pandemic. He lent his voice to the reimagined Maybe It’s Time by SIxx A.M. Helped put together the video for the most recent Bad Wolves single Learn To Walk Again and as I learned yesterday when we talked “by the end of this year I will have recorded 46 songs uhh I did two cover albums and an original album and I’m going to be doing an EP with Dorothy of duets. I’m a worker I like working” —WHOLE INTERVIEW HERE