“Have a twinkie, Snapperhead” – Andrew Dice Clay from the 1990 film The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.  Whenever I hear Snapchat being discussed, that line echoes through my head.

If you do do the Snapchat, there’s an update!  One of the issues for this company is increasing user growth.  They’ve done well so far, but they need more users to become profitable.  To have more people exposed to the service, snappers can now share content easily to Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s more about the change from Techcrunch;

Today, Snap is launching the ability to share some public Stories via links that then display the Story selected on Snapchat.com.

Stories eligible for sharing right now include those Official Stories and Our Stories found in the Discover tab, as well as Search Stories, though Snapchat says those are just what’s included “at launch,” which indicates that the types of Stories you could share will expand over time. This feature is also going live to anyone running the redesigned Snapchat app as of today.

There is a WIIL ROCK Snapchat account.  It was created and used WAY before it became cool.  However, with limited resources, we can’t update everything all the time. We now concentrate on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but with these changes, we may now revisit Snapping.

Tom Kief runs an active Snapchat account, you can find him below.  When we start to use the WIIL ROCK account more often, we’ll have Tom promote!

Are you Snapping?  What brands/companies put out compelling content?  Any ideas we could steal?  Let me know, [email protected].



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