My Weekend in 5 pics…

The 95 WIIL ROCK Tom & Emily Morning Show presents Tom’s weekend in just 5 pictures…


Friday night we watched he greatest sports movie of all time! OYAGE!!!  It could be called “The Chester Marcol Story…. plus a donkey”.



Had a bunch of great virtual concerts this weekend.  Saturday night we got to see Ike Reilly, Jim & Justin from Modern Day Romeos, and a bonus set from Neal from Royal Bliss.

Jim and Justin gave us a great time Saturday night, a chance to forget all this crazy we are dealing with now. IF it is within your means please kick them a couple of bucks. PayPal:
Venmo: @Jim-Wojdyla
Zelle: [email protected]

If you enjoyed Saturday nights Ike Reilly show and it is within your means, here are the links to kick in a couple of bucks for the band:
Venmo @Ike-Reilly


Kim has never seen “This Is Spinal Tap”…. so we watched that this weekend.


Yes…. we also watched the crazy tiger people thing on Netflix.


We closed out the weekend with a Sunday night virtual concert from ROYAL BLISS.

If you enjoyed Sunday nights Royal Bliss show and IF it is within your means to kick in a few bucks for the band please do. Donations links here:
PayPal info: [email protected]
Venmo: Neal Middleton


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