My Weekend in 5 pics…

The 95 WIIL ROCK Tom & Emily Morning Show presents Tom’s weekend in just 5 pictures (the “ya gotta check these things out” edition)…

Saw the new Star Wars… I give it 9 out of 10.


Love the Colony House in Trevor.  Went for fish fry on Friday night… got steak.  I can’t help myself… their steaks ROCK!


Played JackBox with these knuckleheads on Saturday night.  If you have not played it check it out.


Rewatched “The Man In The Camo Jacket” on Sunday.  It’s a great documentary about Mike Peters and his band THE ALARM (my Fave band).  It covers his cancer fight, and efforts to help others with cancer.  You can watch it for FREE if you have Amazon Prime video.  Do it!  Kim & I both cried.  Here is a pic of Mike’s 95 WIIL ROCK Studio East visit a few years ago.  Learn more here:  Love Hope Strength Foundation


Had Shake & Bake on Sunday.  I never knew it was so tasty.


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