Mayhem’s exploits put them in the headlines and helped them become players in the black metal scene and their history has become the stuff of legend. Now, acclaimed filmmaker and onetime Bathory musician Jonas Akerlund is ready to bring their story to the big screen in the new film Lords of Chaos.

The movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last year and will now be released in theaters starting next month. The film stars Rory Culkin, Emory Cohen, Jack Kilmer and Sky Ferreira and a new trailer for the movie has been released and can be viewed below.

As seen in the trailer, the film explores the group’s rise in the Norwegian Black Metal scene and while the trailer makes it seem initially like a normal band story of loud music and drinking beer, things eventually escalate. The story spirals out of control with outrageous self-mutilation, church burnings and huge interpersonal drama that has dire consequences.

The trailer, posted online by Noisey, has drawn its share of criticism, with many of the commenters discussing the movie’s cringe factor and debating the portrayals.

In real life, Mayhem founder Per “Dead” Ohlin committed suicide at the age of 22 back in 1991. The band also lost another member, guitarist Euronymous, in 1993 after he was murdered by Varg Vikernes (aka Count Grishnackh). During their tenure, they released five studio albums, including their 1994 classic De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.

The film arrives in theaters Feb. 8 and will be on demand starting Feb. 22.

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