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Legend of the Seagullmen, the theatrical, nautical-themed band featuring Tooldrummer Danny Carey and Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds, will release their self-titled debut album this Friday. If you can’t wait that long, though, you can listen to record in its entirety now via Billboard.com.

Along with Carey and Hinds, Legend of the Seagullmen features filmmaker Jimmy Hayward — who directed Jonah Hex and Horton Hears a Who! — on guitar, Zappa Plays Zappa bassist Pete Griffin, and lead singer David “The Doctor” Dreyer.

With titles like “Shipswreck,” “The Orca” and “Ballad of the Deep Sea Diver,” the surface of Legend of the Seagullmen seems pretty clear, but if you dive deeper, you’ll find a darker, more tragic story.

“An old studio guy told me back in the day: ‘Always reward smart people for paying attention,’” Hayward tells Billboard. “As you really dig in, the layers come off. Like, if you look at some of the lyrics of [album track] ‘The Fogger,’ where we talk about retribution against the abusers of the beautiful life in the ocean — there’s more there than the surface story.”

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