FLOTD is Jaime-Lynn from Beach Park

FLOTD is Jaime-Lynn from Beach Park!

Occupation? Unemployed currently in school for Veterinary Technology.
Relationship status? Married 
Favorite WIIL Rock band? Um definitely have to many. Metallica will always be number 1, Royal Bliss is number 2 they amazing people.
Hobbies? Drawing, training animals, playing xbox.
Favorite position? Ha, depends on the day
Cocktails with a celebrity? A beer with Jennifer Lopez
Favorite food? Hispanic food
Favorite old school song? Waterfalls by TLC
Most embarrassing moment? When I fell flat on my ass in front of my now husband before we started dating
Turn ons? Tattoos, Likes horror movies, is a gentleman but handles s*** when needed.
Turn offs? Liars and controlling people