FDOTD – Princess Leia

Princess Leia
Lake in the Hills
German Shepherd
Favorite Activity?
Barking at other dogs
Favorite trick to do?
Stealing the spot my mom is sleeping in when she gets up to pee
Least favorite trick to do?
When my mom makes me beg for treats she is a peasant
Most embarrassing moment?
When I fart and it’s so stinky everyone leaves the room
Favorite person?
My mom!!
Favorite food?
Favorite thing to chew on?
Either my hedgehog or my pig
Should dogs wear costumes?
Nope they are not fashionable
Favorite place to go to the Bathroom (that gets you in trouble)?
The living room rug
Favorite command to ignore?
Come here
Celebrity Dog Crush?
Any and every dog I see and hear on that magical thing my humans call a T.V.
What do you like to hump the most?
Again not lady like
Sleep with humans?
I allow them to sleep with me they are my peasants

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