05/19/23 Kings X…. Megadeth…. Bad Wolves…

King’s X singer Doug Pinnick has spoken out about how he thinks he was abducted by an alien at the age of three. According to him, when he was three he remembers a man with blonde hair, wearing a robe and sandals, taking him from his bedroom and going up to the sky. When he realized something wasn’t right, he pulled away and remembered waking up in his mom’s lap crying. After watching the show, “Ancient Aliens,” he is convinced that a Nordic Alien abducted him.

The artist who created Megadeth’s album cover for their newest release The Sick, The Dying…and the Dead recently sued the band in court for not getting paid for the hundreds of hours he spent creating it. Brent Elliot White, who has created artwork for the band over time, was ticked off after seeing a promotion for the album in Rolling Stone magazine, in which he was not credited for, therefore suing the band. Both parties reached an agreement with the court, and everything is good now.

And finally, Bad Wolves have cancelled their upcoming tour, due to a medical condition that singer DL has. The doctors advised the singer to stay off flights due to a risk of increased complications.