03/17/23 Def Leppard.. Ozzy… Drowning Pool

This past Monday Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen was assaulted outside of a Fort Lauderdale hotel. He was outside having a smoke when 19-year-old Max Edward Hartley  who was hiding behind a pole ran full speed at him and knocked him over, sending Allen to the ground causing injury. A woman who saw this all go down ran out and attempted to help Allen, but then Hartley started attacking her. While she was on the ground, the defendant continued to batter her by striking her as she tried to escape running back into the hotel. Hartley then grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out of the lobby and back onto the sidewalk before fleeing the area. Hartley was later arrested and Allen wants to fully prosecute.

Ozzy Osbourne has vowed to return to the live stage, even if he has to perform in a chair. The report comes a month after Osbourne released a statement in which he said that he would have to cancel his tour because of a spinal injury he suffered four years ago and other health problems. He has declared: that he will get back on stage even if he has to sit on throne like Axl Rose did in 2016.

Drowning Pool have undergone a number of singer changes after the death of original front man Dave Williams, but one of their former front men is now planning to return. Ryan McCombs, who has also sung with Chicago band Soil,  previously played with the band over the course of two studio albums and live albums and he’s now returning to the group. He replaces Jason Moreno, who had fronted the band after McCombs initial departure starting in 2012 through this year.