The story… a 75-year-old guy carelessly driving his motorboat. He can’t even see over the dashboard. Almost kills 3 people then goes on to say ‘no big deal, they were barely hurt’. He then pleads not guilty to “misdemeanor crimes of reckless operation of a boat, fourth-degree assault and recklessly endangering the lives of others. Here’s more backstory from the New York Post

Investigators said Maess and his passengers likely dodged serious injury or death by leaping into the water. More than five months after the crash, Maess, who is a police officer, continues to suffer vision problems, headaches and injuries to his ankle, leg and arm, according to the suit.

McMahon and Durham have yet to file lawsuits against Larsen, although they’ve hired attorneys to do so. Attorney Josh Lamborn said Durham suffered psychological trauma during the crash and hasn’t been able to return to the water.

Have you ever had a close call on the water?  I almost drowned in my buddy’s pool when I was in 6th grade, that about it for me.  Tell me your story, [email protected].

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