Three suspects have been apprehended by the Phoenix Police Department for stealing guitars belonging to Lamb of God earlier this month. Justin Petersen (34), Michael Blakeslee (51) and William Widener (62, shown above L to R, all look like a real bunch of winners, to put it mildly.

The instruments were stolen from Lamb of God’s trailer on Thursday, May 2nd, while the band was setting up for their show with Slayer at the Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix. Two of the suspects were arrested on May 8th, and the third was arrested the next day.

The guitars, unfortunately, still remain at large. One showed up on the person-to-person online sales platform OfferUp last week but was quickly pulled down despite the valiant efforts of a Lamb of God fan who attempted to run his own sting operation. A suspect brought one of the instruments to a local pawn shop but was turned away.

While it was initially reported that two instruments were stolen (a guitar belonging to Willie Adler and a bass belonging to John Campbell) the latest report indicates that there were three.

Initial speculation held that the heist was perpetrated by venue staff, but that conjecture has not been confirmed at this time

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