Rock Report 6/15/22

Ozzy Osbourne shared a link to his song “I Love You All,” the grateful finale on his 2010 album Scream, across social media early on Monday (June 13). The gesture was seemingly a thankful salutation to fans before he underwent an operation that day that would “determine the rest of his life.”

That’s how Sharon Osbourne — the Osbourne matriarch, media personality, wife and manager of the 73-year-old rock star — explained Ozzy’s surgery to British TV viewers last week.

Clutch have a new album coming soon and as fans await those precious details, the band is keeping everyone satiated with the new song “We Strive for Excellence” and the announcement of a headlining tour with support from Helmet, Quicksand and JD Pinkus.  They  play Oct. 16 in Chicago, Illinois.  Look for tickets to go on sale on Friday.

Just in time for Def Leppard’s summer “Stadium Tour” with Motley Crue, Poison and Joan Jett in tow, the Joe Elliott-led English rockers behind 1987’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” have launched a new signature gin for their band.

Two different versions of it, actually. Now, Def Leppard fans can pour some official Def Leppard alcohol into their cups. And both rockin’ spirits take their name from Def Leppard songs — “Animal” London Dry Gin and “Rocket” Premium Distilled Gin.