Rock Report 6/11/2021

Maybe third time is a charm. Apocalyptica announced their rescheduled tour dates with Lacuna Coil for 2021 earlier this year and then yesterday they came out and postponed the tour until 2022. In addition to the rescheduled dates they added a few new shows as well. All those details can be found at Apocalyptica dot com. —THIRD TIME PAYS FOR ALL

Kid Rock finally addressed his use of homophobic slurs at a show he did in Tennessee late last week. He published a Tweet late Wednesday night in the third person acting like he is two different people, Robert Richie and Kid Rock. The tweet reads “If Kid Rock using the word F****t offends you, good chance you are one. Either way, I know he has a lot of love for his gay friends and I will have a talk with him. Have a nice day.  -Bob Ritchie” Needless to say the responses to his tweet are not favorable. —FULL STORY—  —A TWEET TO DIG A DEEPER HOLE

38 Years ago yesterday a little known Texas band released their debut album Metal Magic. They would later become the Pantera we all know and love. However in 1983 they still hadn’t hooked up with Phil Anselmo and were very much into the glam metal scene. In an old interview about that time in their life Vinnie Paul said “Everybody makes mistakes when they’re young and stupid and nobody knows about them.” If you’ve never heard Metal Magic by Pantera it’s worth a listen if for no other reason than to hear what Pantera was before they became the Pantera you know. —A TASTE OF THE OLD DAYS— —SOURCE STORY

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