Rock Report 4/30/2021

Ozzy Osbourne recently revealed that he was fifteen tracks in to a new album. “I’ve done 15 tracks. It’s kept me alive you know. These past two years I’ve been in a terrible state between the accident and then the pandemic. It’s kept me sane – I’ve needed the music.” No news on when the new album will be out. —MORE TO THE STORY

Tetrarch’s new album Unstable drops today. To build up for it they released a new song yesterday called Addicted. That marks the fourth release from the band ahead of the album’s release today. Other singles from the album include I’m Not Right, You Never Listen and Negative Noise. —ADDICTED VIDEO

In 2000 Lars Ulrich of Metallica went to court against the file sharing service Napster over the pirating of of Metallica songs. In a recent interview with Steve-o, Corey Taylor admitted that Ulrich “was so right on so many levels”. Artists find themselves in a similar place now due to streaming services and the lack of compensation for their intellectual property. —MORE TO THE INTERVIEW

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