Rock Report 12/15/2020

You’d think that being the son of a guitar legend would mean that your main influence would be your dad’s music but in the case of Wolfgang Van Halen that isn’t the case. In a recent interview Wolfgang admitted that “Foo Fighters have always been one of my biggest influences, so I think that’s really apparent, I also really love Jimmy Eat World. The softer side of the Mammoth WVH project definitely shows that influence a lot.” The new album from Mammoth WVH is due out in 2021. —SOURCE

Eddie Van Halen, who passed away this past October has been cremated, according to celebrity news outlet TMZ and will be spread off the coast of Malibu. In response to their reporting of this Wolfgang Van Halen tweeted “TMZ is scum”. —TMZ REPORT—  —WVH RETORT

Gemini Syndrome released a new tune called Reintegration on December 4th. You can find it on digital outlets. Now, Gemini Syndrome are teasing something for this Friday. Odds are it is their long awaited third album. Until this month Gemini Syndrome hadn’t released anything new since their 2016 album Momento Mori. However, it’s possible that it’s not the third album but something altogether different. We’ll find out for sure this Friday. —GEMINI POST

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