Rock Report 11/5/2020

Bring Me The Horizon recently collaborated with Yungblud on their song Obey. In a recent interview Oli Sykes couldn’t sing Yungblud’s praises loud enough “I love him; he lights up a room. He’s the polar opposite to me. I wish I could have that confidence that he has. It’s infectious and that’s why a lot of kids look up to him.” —FULL STORY

Foo Fighters are teasing their new album again. They had taken some time off of the tease due to covid 19 but now on billboards and other signs around L.A. they are back at it. On the signs is a giant X and in some of the ads there is a video of a coffin on fire with These Days playing in the background. No release date or other information on the new album has been release yet. —BIG TEASE

With Halloween behind us it’s time, whether we like it or not, to look a head to Christmas. The Offspring are helping with that look ahead with their release of a cover of the holiday classic Christmas (Baby Come Home). The Christmas cover is available now via digital outlets. —FULL STORY— —CHRISTMAS VIDEO

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