Rock Report 11/25/2020

Another year another snub of the nose at the rock community from The Recording Academy. Yesterday the nominees were announced for the 2021 Grammy Awards. If you follow that kind of thing you will be hard pressed to find a rock band on the rock lists. You have to dip into the metal category before you will find In This Moment. So, congratulations to In This Moment on their Grammy nod but the rest of the nominees can go kick rocks in flip flops. —THE WHOLE GRAMMY LIST

Nickelback has been teasing a documentary for years now. It appears that the wait may almost be over. Bassist for Nickelback Mike Kroeger said in a recent interview “the film is very near completion and will reveal a lot about Nickelback that even our biggest fans might not know.” —SOURCE STORY

Just in time for Christmas comes the Ghost Papa Emeritus II action figure. It stands nearly four inches tall and comes with Papa’s Grucifix staff. You can order it now via Super7 dot com. And Papa Emeritus II needs some companions so go to coheed and cambria dot com and snag their action figures that depict the two main characters from The Armory Wars, the constant theme throughout the Coheed and Cambrias albums. Each figure will tower over the Papa Emeritus II figure at eight inches tall and they both come with a variety of detachable weapons. Either action figure would be the perfect gift for the rock fan in your life. —C&C ACTION FIGURES— —PAPA FIGURE

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