Rock Report 11/11/2020

Foo Fighter’s have a lot going on following their performance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. They just release the video for their new song Shame Shame. The new album called Medicine at Midnight is due out on February 5th 2021. Dave Grohl recently said of the new album  “Since it’s our tenth record and 25th anniversary, we decided years ago that we wanted to do something that sounded fresh.” Also in the works for Grohl is a collaboration with Nandi Bushell the 10 year old drum prodigy that he has been battling with online recently. He is also working on the next phase of that battle with Bushell and said of it “I had an idea for how to respond to your last song, but I haven’t done it yet, It’s a big project. I don’t want to give it away, but it’s a good one.” —FOO NEWS— —MORE FOO

If you want to learn how to play the drums or just get a glimpse behind the kit then you could learn from Avenged Sevenfolds Brooks Wackerman. Wackerman will be hosting a four part series of online classes diving into the drum parts he wrote for The Stage and Paradigm. Wackerman also played drums for Bad Religion and will be getting into his drum work on Sorrow. You can sign up for the class now at 1234ApparelandWood dot com. —LEARNING FROM WACKERMAN

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