Rock Report 11-09-21

When Foo Fighters spoke of recording their Medicine at Midnight album in what they believed to be a haunted house, who knew they were also laying the groundwork to star in a new horror-comedy film? But that’s the case, as it’s now been revealed that the band will be front and center for a long-in-the-works film titled Studio 666.

According to Deadline, the band’s ever growing media expansion will now include a film that’s expected to arrive on Feb. 25. The premise of the film may sound familiar to those who kept up with the recording of their latest album – the band moves into an Encino estate to record their latest album only to find that things aren’t what they seem to be. As a result, they’re left to battle supernatural forces that threaten both their album and their lives.

Let’s go, Sarzo! Legendary metal bassist Rudy Sarzo has returned to Quiet Riot after 18 years. Now, footage of his first performance back with the band can be viewed by metal fans everywhere.

Sarzo’s comeback, initially announced over the summer, makes the musician the only classic member in the current incarnation of Quiet Riot, after the 2020 death of drummer Frankie Banali.

Rammstein aren’t just known for their explicit songs, they also have a reputation for having one of the most spectacular live shows in the metal world. Nikolai Sabottka works the pyrotechnics for the band, and he’s disclosed just how much fuel the band uses per show.

During an interview with Ultimate Guitar, Sabottka explained that he began working with Rammstein in 1996 as their tour and production manager. However, he became increasingly involved with the pyrotechnics over time because frontman Till Lindemann was originally handling them.

And just how much fuel does it take to put on one of these extravagant metal shows?

“The current stadium setup uses roughly 1000 liters [about 265 Gallons],” Sabottka revealed.