Source: YouTube

Ice Nine Kills have released a music video for “Meat & Greet” from their album “Welcome To Horrorwood: Under Fire” that is due out tomorrow. The 6 minute video is inspired by the movie “Silence Of The Lambs” with the band performing in glass prison cells. Ice Nine Kills will be playing with In This Moment at The Rave in Milwaukee on Thursday November 9th.

Foo fighters will be returning to “Saturday Night Live” as the musical guests later this month, along with host Nate Bargatze. The episode will air October 28th and will mark the band’s 9th time performing on the show.

And finally, “Mosh Pit’s” are definitely not what they used to be! There is video circulating on social media from a concert that took place recently in Austin showing a concertgoer partially dressed as a ‘furry’ getting punched in his head by some crazy stocky dude who went all out ballistic at the show. Now the ‘furry’ has started a go fund me page to cover medical expenses and has already surpassed $6000. If you can find the short clip, check it out, because I don’t think it was anything personal against the poor little ‘furry’ as you can see other people getting drop kicked and knocked out by the “Mosh-Pit Crowd Killer!” Shoot, I got bit once at an Anthrax show… but I’ll save that story for another day.