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(Hed) P.E. have released a new single off their album “Detox” that will be hitting shelves on December 15th titled “Too Late”. Along with the new track, the band also dropped an animated video that you can check out over at 95 WIIL Rock. com. (Hed) P.E. are will be heading out on tour late November alongside Nonpoint, Sumo Cyco and VRSTY, making a stop at Chicago’s Bottom Lounge on December 10th.

In a recent podcast appearance, Rob Iler, the actor most known for his role as AJ Soprano, talked about the first time he attended a Slipknot concert. According to Iler, Shawn “Clown” Crahan of the band invited the star to the show when he was only 14. When the pair met up outside, security wouldn’t let the “Soprano’s” actor in because he was underage, at which point “Clown” told the guard that he was his son, and if he didn’t let Iler in, they wouldn’t play. Let’s just say little AJ had the time of his life that night and didn’t have call up Tony!

And finally, a fourth grade teacher in Florida is getting her butt reamed for accidentally showing students the horror version of “Winnie the Pooh!” Once the teacher realized it wasn’t what she thought, she killed the flick. Now the poor kids are traumatized and have been offered counseling. Only in Florida!!! I tell you what!!!