Source: YouTube

Scorpions front man Klause Meine recently spoke about the band’s future, and those plans are to keep chugging along. In fact, according to Klause, they will be back out on the road in 24′ and 25′ for a world tour that will include the U.S. as well to celebrate 60 years of Scorpions music.

Three crew members of Shinedown had a bit of a scare while touring some local sites in Arizona the other night. As they were driving, the guys got pulled over by 8 squads with the officers drawing their guns and telling the crew members to put their hands out the window. Come to find out, the rental car they got from the airport had stolen plates on it! After realizing what happened, the guys were quickly uncuffed and sent on their way.

And finally, personally, I’m not a fan of wedding receptions, mainly because of the sappy ass music plus I can’t dance! But a couple recently got married and took it to the next level by playing Slayer’s “Raining Blood!” Now that’s a wedding I could attend!! You can check out the video over at 95 WIIL and see all the hammered attendees moshing.