Rock Report 1/20/22

Is Slipknot’s Sid Wilson dating Kelly Osbourne? We aren’t quite sure, but some photos Osbourne posted on her Instagram story the other day seem to infer that they have some sort of bond with each other.

As per Daily Mail, Osbourne uploaded two photos with Wilson this past Monday (Jan. 17). The first was a selfie of the duo soft-smiling, and the second showed the Slipknot DJ kissing her on the cheek. Unfortunately, no feed photos have been posted yet, so it isn’t quite “IG official,” but stay tuned.

Surprise! Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Synyster Gates and drummer Johnny Christ recently showed up at a fan’s doorstep to surprise them with a signed guitar as part of Christ’s Drinks With Johnny.

Can you imagine the two rock stars turning up at your place with such a gift in tow?

In what was undoubtedly a banner day for the Avenged Sevenfold fan named Andrew, Gates and Christ posed for photos with the listener outside of their house after they gifted them with the Schecter Synyster Gates signature model axe baring their autographs.

“What is that and how do you play it?” is a question you’ll likely hear upon seeing the latest Ibanez-Steve Vai collaboration, and the guitar company and iconic player have teamed up for the big reveal of the one-of-a-kind guitar, The Hydra.

The Hydra features one body, two headstocks and three necks. Its got a ton of other stuff too lol Given that attention to detail, it should come as no surprise that this unique instrument was five years in the making.