Rock Report 1/15/2021

This Sunday marks the 40th Birthday of Motley Crue. Formed on January 17th 1981 when Nikki Sixx hooked up with Tommy Lee and Greg Leon. Leon would later be replaced by Mick Mars and Vince Neil. If you want to wish the Crue a happy birthday you can do so on their Facebook or Instagram pages or just use the hashtag happy birthday to crue. —CRUE NEWS

Sebastian Bach has plans to tour this fall to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Skid Row’s 1991 album Slave to the Grind. No dates have been announced yet but the plan is to play the album in it’s entirety. —HAIR TO COME

Weezer has something cooking other than their new album, Van Weezer, due out in May. They recently added a playlist that consists of all their favorite songs and one odd ball song called readme dot txt. The fourteen second spoken word track starts with a computer generated female voice saying “All my favorite songs are slow and sad,” This could just be Weezers clever way of insinuating there will be news about another forthcoming album called Ok Human but only time will tell. —FULL STORY—  —THE LIST

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