If you aren’t one of the millions, of millions of people that have seen Avengers: Endgame yet then this post isn’t for you.

Did you click away yet?

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, are you sure you want to continue?

Alright, you’ve been warned. Honestly, it won’t spoil the whole movie for you just a piece of it.

At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Captain America goes back in time to return the infinity stones to the exact point in time that they were gotten from, thereby preserving the current timeline. However, he chooses to stay in the past with Peggy Carter. To get his own personal happy ending. Then he turns up as an old man sitting on the park bench waiting to give his shield to Falcon.

I’m happy for Cap. If anyone needed a happy ending it was this guy.

Yet I can’t help but wonder how him staying in the past didn’t cause an alternate timeline to sprout up. To assume that Cap would be Suzie Homemaker while Agent Carter was out defending the country is a little silly. If there is one thing that we’ve learned from Caps storyline is that when he sees injustice that he is going to get involved. I wonder how he explained it to Peggy, “Oh hey, yeah, I didn’t crash into the arctic”. Once the other Cap thawed out, how did he manage to avoid him knowing what was going to happen? Did all the events after Cap thawed out even happen that way?

When he met up with Falcon on the bench at the end of the movie was it him who had survived in the same timeline or did he create a new timeline by staying with Agent Carter and then use Pym particles to join up with his old timeline. Did he have to steal more Pym particles to jump back to his original timeline?

Yes Endgame wrapped up the whole Thanos story arc but it left more questions. I know Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr are out and this is the way the powers that be in the Marvel universe decided to wrap up those two storylines. Still, couldn’t they continue on with alternate timeline Cap? Alternate timeline Tony?

Who has the answers? Uatu?

Don’t get me started on Black Widow.



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