Thank you!  Because of donations from the WIIL ROCK Family, Team WIIL ROCK raised the most money for Polar Plunge 2018, pulling in over $4,000! If you weren’t at the event and want to see Stino, Eddie P, and our plunge team jump in, watch the video.

All money raised for the event benefits the Special Olympics.

Team WIIL ROCK had tons of support, Emily, Jen Marr, Leah, and Tracy Hill all showed up!

For the past few years, Emily has lead Team WIIL ROCK into the icy cold water.  Since she didn’t get medical clearance, the new girl Stino stepped up!

To see more photos from the event, check out Tracy Hill and Stino on Facebook.

Thanks again for your generosity! Every time we ask for your help, the WIIL ROCK Family always comes through for a big assist. If you need help with an event, let US give YOU an assist! Send your event info to [email protected] for the Hometown Update!


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