Credit: Jimmy Fontaine

When Halestorm first wrote their song “Uncomfortable,” they had no idea it would become the lead single off their new album, Vicious. So the thought that it might be nominated for a Grammy was the furthest thing from their minds.

“[‘Uncomfortable’] was the first song that we got excited about in the studio,” frontwoman Lzzy Hale tells ABC Radio. “[We thought,] ‘OK, I don’t know what this is gonna be, whether it even is gonna be a single or anyone’s gonna like it, but it’s going on the record.’”

Halestorm felt that “Uncomfortable” was a risk for them, especially since it doesn’t have a “traditional rock radio chorus,” and was instead based on a “vocal riff” that Hale would sometimes used to warm up her voice. Now, the track will compete for the Best Rock Performance prize at this year’s Grammys, held Sunday in Los Angeles.

“It means so much more than I think anybody realizes,” Hale says of the nomination.

“The fact that it’s nominated for Performance, after taking all of those risks,” she continues. “It’s one part, like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s happening,’ and it’s another part kind of validation that following your gut is always the right choice.”

Hale first found out about the Grammy nomination when a band mate woke her up early in the morning on their tour bus.

“We had a nice little early morning celebration,” Hale remembers. “It was like, ‘OK, but we don’t have to get up ’til noon, so we should go back to sleep,’ and then nobody could go back to sleep…it was crazy.”

Halestorm previously won a Grammy in 2013 for their song “Love Bites (So Do I),” and Hale confirms that getting nominated again “does not get old at all.”

“It doesn’t suck,” she laughs.

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