FLOTD is Rafael from Kenosha

FLOTD is Rafael from Kenosha!

Occupation? Drummer
Relationship status? Single
Favorite WIIL Rock band? Ghost
Hobbies? Drumming
Favorite position? All the above
Cocktails with a celebrity? Johnny Depp
Favorite food? Tacos I make
Favorite 90’s song? What is Love by Haddaway
Most embarrassing moment? Got drunk and woke up naked in a bathroom
Craziest thing you’ve ever done? Went to a sex party – but I didn’t know that was going on. My guy said let’s go to this party. We get there . And the rest is history
Turn ons? A girl who’s happy , knows what she wants
Turn offs? Attitudes
FMK… Tom, Emily and Eddie? F Tom; M Emily; K Eddie (sorry bro)