FLOTD is Precious and Jess

FLOTD is Precious and Jess!

Occupation? Disabled
Relationship status? Married 7 yrs

Favorite WIIL Rock band? Royal Bliss
Hobbies? Listening to jams on WIIL
Favorite position? Whatever ways that gets the job done!
Cocktails with a celebrity? My grandma… she was a celebrity in Antioch 
Favorite food? Pasta and potatoes!
Drink of choice? Jack Daniels shots Jack Fire!!! Any Jack basically and Fireball and I have met our match

Favorite 90’s song? Anything by Candlebox
Most embarrassing moment? Jumping off a platform and scaring the shit out of Jerry Springer!! Circa 95ish
Craziest thing you’ve ever done? Bridge jumped in Cali… didn’t think I was gonna make it back up!!!

Turn ons? Clean fresh showered bodies- if its clean everything is a turn on!!! And yes I love The smell of my husband in His body spray!!!
Turn offs? Like I said before— enough Jack or fireball and Im pretty easy going!!!
FMK… Tom, Emily and Eddie? Tom can go F himself- no offense Tom…Im more into Stino sorry but I guess I could get down with Eddie and Emily