FLOTD is BJ from McHenry

Occupation? McHenry Township Road District
Relationship status? Single
Favorite WIIL Rock band? All the hard ones
Hobbies? Racing and mohawks. Check out my race parts facebook Force 1 Performance and my mohawk facebook page, Rooster Ads
Favorite position? All of them
Cocktails with a celebrity? Clint Bowyer. He called me over for a second while he was eating once. He seems like fun to drink with.
Favorite food? Ice cream

Craziest thing thing you’ve ever done? Thought I was going to get shot for being with a girl I was forbidden to be with. 
Turn ons? Fun kinky stuff
Turn offs? Not wanting to have fun
FMK… Tom, Emily and Eddie? FEmily because she’s really cute; Marry Tom because he seems more like me than Eddie (sorry Eddie)