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Motley Crue dropped their first new single since reuniting back in 2020 titled “Dogs Of War”. The band released the song Friday, along with a video that you can see for yourself over at 95 WIIL While you are over there, you can also watch the interview Elwood had with Tommy Lee and new guitarist John 5, as they discuss more new music and other topics.

Disturbed have a special anniversary coming up next year when their debut album “The Sickness” turns 25. The band’s Don Donegan was recently asked if they plan on celebrating the anniversary with a tour, in which he responded that the band has a lot on their plate at the moment and needed to prioritize whether they will recording a new record or do an anniversary tour next year.

And finally, the Smashing Pumpkins put out a nation wide search for a new guitar player last year to replace longtime member Jeff Schroeder, who left “to explore a slightly different path”, and now after over 10,000 resumes, they have finally picked his replacement. Billy Corgan announced that the bands new guitar player will be Kiki Wong, who previously played with Bret Michaels, Usher, and somebody that goes by the name Taylor Swift.