FDOTD – Milo

Antioch, IL
Chug- Chihuahua and pug mix
Favorite Activity?
Car rides with my momma
Favorite trick to do?
Give my mom sad boo boo eyes to put her under my spell.
Most embarrassing moment?
Getting dive bombed by a couple robins because I got too close to their nest.
Favorite person?
Mom, she always refers to me as her shadow.
Favorite food?
Anything mom is having. Specially popcorn!
Favorite thing to chew on?
My BarkBox chew sticks
Celebrity Dog Crush?
Lake County IL K9 Dax
Sleep with humans?
Yeppers, but I do give mom some space on her king size bed.
Who’s a good dog?
Best Dog Movie?
All Dogs go to Heaven

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