DAMN IT… We Missed It!  Pull My Finger!

NATIONAL FART DAY is on the way!!!  Be ready 02/05/23 is NATIONAL FART DAY!!!

We feel so divided as a people.  Left/right… Blue/Red… Mask/No Mask… Bears/Packers… Ketchup/No Ketchup… But the truth is that we have so much more in common than that which divides us!   So in an effort to help us remember that I did “more fart gun for you in 2022”!  You see, no matter what “side” you say you are on… you think farts are funny!  EVERYONE, without exception thinks farts are funny!!  So as a reminder of that universal truth that we ALL agree on, I used my fart gun every day on the WIIL ROCK Morning Show in 2022!  I know it’s not Shakespeare… but I think it helped us understand that we have a lot more in common than we remember!  I have now moved on to “More Fart Gun For ME… In 2023”! – Be Kind, Tom

Join my quest!  Get your own fart gun HERE.