Lee Fierro, the actress best known for playing Mrs. Kintner in Steven Spielberg’s 1975 “Jaws” (the one who slapped Chief Brody) has died from complications of the coronavirus. She was 91. Christopher Cross said he had the coronavirus and it was “the worst illness I ever had.” He’s in recovery and doing better.  Pop star PINK and her 3 year old son both tested positive for coronavirus.

I hope by showing you some names you may know that you will understand… This is REAL. This is NOT the flu.

The HEROS on the front lines saving lives… are dying!!!  And people of all ages are DYING!  Stay the F at home!!!

We are all in this together… Let’s act like it.  Six feet apart.  Stay home if you can.  I LOVE you! Be safe! – Tom

#AllInThisTogether #SixFeetApart