Source: YouTube

The band Prong had a little special treat for fans on Tax Day yesterday by posting a video of them doing their rendition of “Working Man” by Rush. Frontman Tommy Victor says that Geddy Lee was always a personal hero of his growing up and that he wanted to cover the song because the opening riff is an all time classic. You can check it out over at 95 WIIL Rock .com in “True Prong Style”.

Jelly Roll is on the receiving end of a lawsuit alleging trademark infringement over his stage name. Come to find out, there is a band that has been around since 1980 that go by the same name. The other Jellyroll (that has no space in between Jelly & Roll by the way) claim that they have had the name trademarked since 2010, and now because of the singers popularity, they are losing out money when the group is searched on Google.

And finally, Bruce Dickinson played a couple of last-minute pop up shows at the Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood last weekend, and some lucky fans who showed up to the box office early got a special treat when they were greeted by the Maiden frontman himself selling tickets to the shows.