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Bruce Springsteen played a show this past weekend in L.A. and invited Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello on stage to perform with “The Boss” for ‘American Skin(41 Shots)’ and ‘The Ghost Of Tom Joad’. Not only did Morello win over the fans, but he also won over “The Fonz”! That’s right Henry Winkler was in the crowd and later took to social media sending praise to Tom for his performance, and after a few tweets back and forth, Winkler made Morello the official “president” of the Fonzie Fan Club.

Jerry Cantrell and his band are offering a reward for anyone that can track down a guitar of his that was stolen recently. The Alice In Chains guitarist says his original ‘Blue Dress’ G&L guitar that he’s had since 85′ and used on every album he recorded, was swiped from his car in California.

And finally, Aerosmith were set to get out on the road for their “Peace Out Farewell Tour” last year, but had to postpone dates while Steven Tyler recovered from a vocal cord injury. The good news is that the singer is healthy now and they have rescheduled the shows, with The Black Crowes still as the opening act. If you had planned on seeing them at the United Center back in February, the band are now set to play on Sunday January 19th of next year.