Source: YouTube

The O’Keefe Music Foundation, a nonprofit music organization that offers free lessons, camps, recording sessions and videos to young musicians around the world have put out a new video that is going viral. This time, a band consisting of six kids between the ages of 8 and 18 are shown covering “Wish” from NIN, and it’s pretty good.

Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst and Smashing Pumpkin’s Billy Corgan have something new in the works! The two frontman are teaming up with Bill Maher to produce two new podcasts for his new podcast network. Durst’s podcast will be about UFO’s and conspiracy theories, while the topic of Corgan’s is still “up in the air”.

And finally, if you ever wondered why Mudvayne wore make-up when they first came out and then stopped wearing it half way through the bands career, to finally start wearing it again. Well I have your answer… Come to find out… Singer Chad Gray says he was sick of being asked in interviews if the band wore make-up to try and be like their buddies in Slipknot, but after time realized it wasn’t worth the frustration….so they decided to go back to their old look.