Originating from Sacramento, CA and bringing in a fresh mix of underground horror metal to the scene, Oh! The Horror got their start in 2012, coming out with original songs and introducing a new level of energy to local venues. They kept fans wanting more with each show performed boasting energetic beats, innovative style, creative lyrics, and clever schemes.

Oh! The Horror solidified their current group in 2015. This team-up brought a fresh mix of ideas, backgrounds, and talents to give Oh! The Horror that edge that they have only refined since. Together they bring in backgrounds of metalcore, punk, pop, rap, horrorcore, and industrial music and pull influences from horror films and videogames to give an edgy marriage of that perfectly blended incompatibly.

In 2018, with the band’s introduction to the Super Devil, Oh! The Horror went through a complete revitalization. They came back harder than ever with their souls contracted and promises to uphold; they quickly climbed in popularity and recognition. Their sound has reformed to incorporate more electronic influences and pop vocals, bringing with it the energy of EDM, the catchiness of pop, the heart of metal, and the flow of rap.

Through their songs, stage presence, and affiliations, Oh! The Horror weaves a complex story of the lore and mystery of a world that has built itself around them.

This release is a cover of Faouzia’s Tears of Gold.

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