17 Subtle Signs You’ve Already Had Coronavirus

There’s a chance that you may have had Coronavirus and never noticed.  Dr. Daniel Atkinson at Treated.com said while most symptoms are mild, some people experience more severe symptoms.  The 17 symptoms include:

    • Runny nose, sore throat and congestion, breathlessness, tiredness, fatigue and dry cough
    • A loss of taste or smell may accompany some of COVID-19’s milder symptoms
    • Reduced appetite, nausea or diarrhea, a fever spike, muscle pain and the chills
    • Pink eye, purple lesions on the hands and feet and skin rashes are also symptoms, as is being disoriented.

If you were sick in January or February and brushed it off, you may have had Coronavirus.  If you were sick after being in one of the virus’ hotspots or around someone infected, you may have had it, too.  The only way to truly tell if you had Coronavirus is an antibody test, but Dr. Atkinson warns that antibody tests for the virus aren’t completely accurate.

Were you sick at the beginning of the year?  Do you think you had Coronavirus?  If you believe you had it, what symptoms did you exhibit?  Join the conversation on our Facebook page HERE.

Thanks, Tom