Tom & Stino’s Holiday Gift Guide – WTF Is This All About???

Here is a GREAT GAG GIFT idea for you from the 95 WIIL ROCK Morning Show!  Do this for me

  1. Click on THIS LINK to take you to the “Soft Calico Cat Big Hugging Plush Body Pillow”on Amazon.
  2. Scroll thru the pics to the last one (it’s a video).
  3. Watch the video to the :14 second point.
  4. Tell me WTF is happening!!!
  5. Buy this for a friend or family member.
  6. Let me know what their reaction is once they see THAT PART of the thing.  Maybe even video their reaction.

Let me know WTF you think is going on with this in the comments of this Facebook post please:

Thanks, Tom