Do you curse a lot?  Do you feel people think less of you for cursing? Well, fuck them! Above, a brief history of cursing.

Turns out, swearing is a sign of honesty!  Read more from…

People who swear may be more trustworthy, according to researchers.

In the three-part study, published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal – an international team led by Gilad Feldman of Maastricht University in the Netherlands analysed swearing in society.

First, the team studied 276 people to find out how they curse. They asked participants to list their favourite swear words and to ‘self-report’ their everyday use of profanity. Researchers also asked the subjects to note down the emotions they associate with those swear words – anger, exasperation or fear for example.

The foul-mouthed test subjects were also asked to fill in a psychological survey to gauge their honesty which helped rank how likely they were to lie.

The team found that those who lied less wrote down a higher number of frequently used swear words.

The majority of respondents also reported that their swearing was typically used to express negative emotions – like anger.

Personally, I’ve been trying to cut back on the cursing.  With two very young kids at home, the less they call daddy a jackass, the better.  Got a favorite curse word?  Let me know! Email or contact me on Facebook or Twitter. See you later shitbag!


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