My ruminations on the Royal Rumble…


  • Rousey seemed a little stiff.  Although her appearance was non-physical and non-verbal, the posture, the pose seemed non-natural.  She’s green and will likely get better.


  • With WWE TV contacts being negotiated, Rousey brings an immense value to the table.


  • Mojo Rawley should have come to the ring in a Gronk jersey.  A wasted opportunity for some cheap Super Bowl heat.


  • Sami Zayn should remain at the top of the program.  Love his ring entrance.


  • Men’s rumble was good.  There was the lingering thought of Reigns winning, but the right story was told with the Final 4.


  • You gotta see Brock Lesnar get pissed off and shoot on Stowman after a stiff knee to the dome.


  • Uso’s and Gable/Benjamin.  Meh.  Unless they are breaking up Gable and Benjamin, it just made them look weak.


  • Some similar issues with the Women’s rumble.  Sure it’s great to see the lady legends, but they shouldn’t eliminate and power over current performers.  Make the newbs look weak.


Got any thoughts?  I usually don’t like talking about wrestling, but I’ll write about it every once in a while!  Email me, [email protected].

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